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The Story Part III
Part 3
One week later the whole group discovers that a cookie monster had attacked The Sex and had sent him into a coma. D:
End of Part 3
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The Story Part II
Part 2
When manwhore, noname, Jazzman, and batman got back to the Ag building and part-ayed :D till they all passed out into each other's arms. Then Mr. Awesomeness walked in and said "whoa" and walked out.
"where am I?" asked the slut when she woke up about like 12:00 pm so she woke up everyone except for stix master who somehow appeared there. The slut woke up in his arms and took pictures of him and showed them to everyone. so then The President says to stix master "why don't you show them you balls." stix master had no idea what he was talking about so the president showed him the pic and ran off to find manwhore and found him and showed him the pic.
"I already got that, she sent it to everyone in her contacts" said manwhore and they laughed.
"So now what?" manwhore asked The President. Manwhore gazed into The President's eyes with…
"Whoa Whoa Whoa.," yelled mr. vice president, " what is going on?!"
"NOTHING!!!!!!"yelled The president in a worried tone and manwhore being a foo
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my artwork stuff. or should i say my awkward stuff? either one will work i think. :D

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Where Is The Sun? by Mr-Heli Where Is The Sun? :iconmr-heli:Mr-Heli 48 21 Snow Dreamer by DemonMathiel Snow Dreamer :icondemonmathiel:DemonMathiel 1,049 88 Red, Red, Wine by Delacorr Red, Red, Wine :icondelacorr:Delacorr 114 49 A Love for the Arts by Delacorr A Love for the Arts :icondelacorr:Delacorr 11,346 2,313 Guitar-Emote-Hero revamp by CookiemagiK Guitar-Emote-Hero revamp :iconcookiemagik:CookiemagiK 95,987 13,294 OWL CITY by RebeccaReporting OWL CITY :iconrebeccareporting:RebeccaReporting 479 86
Long lost best friend
Hello my long lost best friend
You turned your back on us
Who knew you'd give us heartache
Long lost best friends always do
Who knew you would drift away
Leaving us in the dirt
Who knew you would go away
Long lost best friends always do
W always meant to stay
Together and away
We always laughed at jokes
The way long lost best friend do
Hey hey hey hey
The way long lost
Best friends do
Hey hey hey hey
The way long lost
Best friends do
Hello my long lost best friend
You're laughing at their jokes
Forgetting about us
Long lost best friends always do
Who knew you would think that thought
Of leaving us behind
Who knew you would say those words
Like long lost best friends always do
We shed those tears for you
But you didn't accept them
Now we're leaving you behind
Just like you did to us
You long lost best friend
You long lost best friend
You long lost best friend
You long lost best friend
Hello my long lost best friend
Why'd you have to say goodbye
Should we keep wondering?
Like long lost b
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Melody by silentxrainxdrops Melody :iconsilentxrainxdrops:silentxrainxdrops 4 9 ES:4 - Rudolph P.5 by Elliwiny ES:4 - Rudolph P.5 :iconelliwiny:Elliwiny 484 144 Butterfly by renekotte Butterfly :iconrenekotte:renekotte 2,709 595
The History of Band
This is based on a true story, atleast according to me (and a random monkey).
This is                      THE HISTORY OF BAND
Please feel free to disagree, but remember, it's fun stuff, so I will support my reasonings with random evidence. But oh well. Enjoy tha story.
                                                      THE HISTORY OF BAND
Long ago, when the universe was just a little speck, no sound was present at all.
But then, one sound, from nowhere, came out and caused the particle to explode and rocket in every directions with all different kinds of colors and bright flashes, but most importantly, it roc
:iconmclovin9867:Mclovin9867 1 59
No.37 began to tell his story as the car sped down the street towards the gates to Aldine. A great big assembly of world famous Drum Majors were in a meeting on the field. Their big dilemma was what to do if the Anahuac band declared war on the rest of them. But as they were pondering the question, an army of SAMS broke into the stadium and began to assasinate the Drum Majors. Only a few of them got away, but the SAMS proceeded to destroy the important data stored inside. No.37 and No.5 got out of the car and started to fight back. No.3, No.2, and No.14 began to secure the files and called in a chopper to bring them out. The only problem was when the chopper arrived, they saw that the driver eas Tha Boss. Tha Boss pulled out a Tuba Magnum (the best handgun) and shot at No.3 as she tried to hide behind the wall. No.37 pulled out a C4 and attached it to the chopper while No.5 finished off the rest of the SAMS. No.37 pulled the trigger off the detonator and blew up the chopper. But Tha Bo
:iconmclovin9867:Mclovin9867 1 19
Get-a-way by Mclovin9867 Get-a-way :iconmclovin9867:Mclovin9867 1 3
The Get-a-way
No. 37 blasted a few rounds into the robot marchers (SAMS) heads before busting through the doors into the long corridor. He looked at the directory on the wall. The main exit was just down the hall. It sounded to easy.
Unfortunately, again, the Anahuac band knew that. At the end of the hall was a giant, huge robotic monster, known as THA BOSS. A group of SAMS surrounded it and turned towards No.37, with their Trumpet Rifles aimed at his head. He quickly turned down a small hallway, trying to find a side exit, but he couldn't find one. Meanwhile, Tha Boss was crashing through the walls towards him. It wasn't exactly the smartest monster in the world.
No.37 tackled his way through another groups of SAMS before he found a sign that said stairway exit. Tha Boss was gaining ground on him. He burst through the door and found a group of kids sniffing crac.
"EY!" He yelled. "Don't snort crac!!!...Give it to me!" He ordered. It was then that Tha Boss burst through the wall, which scared the ki
:iconmclovin9867:Mclovin9867 1 3
The secret lab
No.37 emerged from a trap door in the floor into the secret lab of the Anahuac band. He quickly got to work. He searched every where for the DNA samples. He searched the fancy equipment. He searched the big computer. He searched the area with the little fancy test tubes. He even searched the random cookie jar. But he couldn't find it. He decided to call his team member waiting outside for him, No.3. She quickly did a scan of the area and showed him where the DNA samples were.
It turns out, they were in the one cookie in the cookie jar. Unfortunately, No.37 was really, really hungry.
"Do you have the DNA samples?" No.3 asked.
"Sort of," he replied.
No.37 rubbed his stomach as he turned towards the door. But what he saw froze him in his tracks. A dozen robot marchers were blocking him from getting to the door. He pulled out his standard issue Tenor Rifle and started blasting away. His plan to get away without being noticed was kind of screwed now...
:iconmclovin9867:Mclovin9867 1 10
The Perfect Break in
The taxi pulled up to the sidewalk that encircled the apparently normal looking Anahuac bandhall. No.37, dressed in a black ninja suit with a bunch of cool burglar stuff even though it was in the middle of the day, stepped out of the taxi and observed the security.
Funny, only a bunch of band kids.
He used his x-ray goggles to see inside the bandhall, sure he was going to find the secret lab.
Just a bunch of chairs and band stands.
" Um, okay," he said, his hopes dying inside of him. He walked over to the kids.
" Are you kids part of the secret division of super marchers?" No.37 asked them.
"Are you high? Can we have some?" The kids replied. No.37 circled the entire bandhall, but found nothing. Suddenly, he tripped on a rock and fell into a winding tunnel. It was really dark and he was scared. But soon he saw the light at the end of the tunnel. " I must be dead," he mumbled. But as he vanished into the light, he found himself in a very large room full of old books of music and old and
:iconmclovin9867:Mclovin9867 1 3
yeah i know im a big loser for having all these weird stuff in here, just dont ask.




What Is Love? by g0thicfly What Is Love? :icong0thicfly:g0thicfly 1,444 147 Band Camp by n2xbe Band Camp :iconn2xbe:n2xbe 13 14 A Marching Band... by wavemaster447 A Marching Band... :iconwavemaster447:wavemaster447 20 3 Music Is Never Black and White by BassCleft Music Is Never Black and White :iconbasscleft:BassCleft 6 0 royal games by suzi9mm royal games :iconsuzi9mm:suzi9mm 19,065 2,258
please someone be awesome and buy me one of these things on my wish list :D please i promise to repay you


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god i hate october.
i just wish things were back to normal.

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